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Dog Walking Bag - Quilted

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Cocopup Bag - Your Essential Quilted Dog Walking Companion

Welcome to a new era of dog walking with the Cocopup Bag, a quintessential accessory for every dog owner. Blending style with functionality, this quilted bag offers more than just looks; it brings practicality to your daily walks.

Stylish Quilted Design Meets Durability

The Cocopup Bag is more than just a pretty accessory. Its quilted pattern is not only a style statement but also contributes to its durability. Crafted with high-grade polyester, this bag withstands the rigors of daily walks, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Optimized Space for All Your Needs

Dimensions of 21cm x 14cm x 5cm make the Cocopup Bag spacious enough to store all your essentials. The design includes a handy mesh compartment, ensuring your dog's poop bags are always within reach, providing convenience during your walks.

Unmatched Convenience for Dog Owners

The Cocopup Bag boasts a built-in poop bag dispenser, offering quick and easy access to bags. The interior features a wipeable lining, making the clean-up process a breeze and keeping the bag ready for your next adventure.

Safe Storage with Easy Accessibility

Security and ease of access are paramount in the design of the Cocopup Bag. It features both external and internal zip compartments, perfect for securely storing your valuables while offering easy access when you need them.

Details That Matter

Every feature of the Cocopup Bag has been meticulously thought out to enhance your dog walking experience. Its design focuses on your convenience, from the robust material to the well-placed compartments.

Embrace a more organized and stylish approach to dog walking with the Dog Walking  Bag. Note: The strap and treat pouch are additional purchases. This bag is an indispensable tool for any dog owner prioritizing practicality and elegance in their daily walks.

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