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Dado Dog Activity Toy

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Dado Dog Activity Toy

Product Info

The special shape of the Dado Dog Activity Toy offers stimulation and challenge for your faithful friend. The many edges give Dado the opportunity to roll off to all sides, slowing down the ball and challenging your dog to keep nudging the dog treat ball to get to his reward. Different sized openings on all sides provide varied levels of difficulty. For example, fill Dado with the MiaCara Biscotti dog treats.

The Dado dog treat ball is suitable for puppies, adult, small, and large dogs alike. Made of durable rubber, Dado combines play and reward, stimulates your dog, and keeps your four-legged friend mentally and physically fit.

Mix and Match: complete your dog’s toy collection with other MiaCara enrichment toys from the range of Danish design team Hans Thyge & Co. With our minimalist design style and modern colors, the Dado, Volpe, and Lepre employment toys will also become a beautiful accessory for both dog and owner.

Design: Hans Thyge & Co

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Key Features

  • Stimulating and challenging
  • Slows down mealtime
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Minimalist design

Designer Quote

"The geometric shape of Dado is designed to make it roll and bounce on the floor. Filled with dry food snack bites, it challenges your dog to get the food out of the small holes. Eating becomes a play, where the dog can spend a long time pushing around the soft nice object. It is durable, and the soft material makes it silent when it jumps on the floor."

Hans Thyge & Co, Designer

  • Innovative Design
  • Exceptional Quality



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