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Coppa Treat Jar

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Coppa Dog Treat Jar: Stylish Storage for Your Pet's Snacks

Introducing the Coppa Dog Treat Jar, a blend of functionality and elegance designed by the renowned Danish design studio, Hans Thyge & Co. This exquisite dog treat box not only serves as a chic accessory in your kitchen but also ensures your furry friend's snacks stay fresh and tasty. With its high-quality porcelain and a glossy finish, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space while keeping your dog's treats securely stored.

Discover the Charm of the Coppa Dog Treat Jar

  • Superior Quality Material: Crafted from the finest porcelain for durability and a sleek look.
  • Glossy Finish: A smooth, shiny finish that enhances its elegant design.
  • Airtight Silicone Lid: Keeps treats fresh with an all-silicone lid that seals tightly.
  • Scratch-Proof Base: Features a silicone base to protect your surfaces and add stability.
  • Minimalist Danish Design: A simple yet stylish look that fits any home décor.

Keep Your Dog's Treats Fresh and Accessible

With the Coppa Dog Treat Jar, storing your dog's favorite snacks has never been more stylish or convenient. The airtight silicone lid ensures that treats remain fresh and ready to enjoy, while the scratch-proof base means you can place the jar anywhere in your home without worry. Its minimalist design not only serves a practical function but also complements your interior décor, making it a must-have accessory for pet owners who value both style and substance.

Easy Care for Long-lasting Use

Maintaining your Coppa Dog Treat Jar is effortless. Its porcelain body and silicone components are easy to clean, ensuring that your jar remains hygienic and looking new. Regular cleaning keeps the jar safe for storing dog treats, while its durable materials guarantee years of use. This combination of beauty, functionality, and easy care makes the Coppa treat jar an essential item for any dog owner.

Embrace elegance and practicality with the Coppa Dog Treat Jar, a perfect blend of style and function for keeping your dog's treats fresh. Its high-quality construction and thoughtful design by Hans Thyge & Co make it an indispensable accessory for pet lovers. Shop now and elevate the way you store your pet's snacks!

Product Features:

  • Elegant, High-Quality Porcelain Build
  • Shiny Glossy Finish for a Refined Look
  • Secure Silicone Lid to Keep Treats Fresh
  • Scratch-Resistant Silicone Base for Protection
  • Minimalist Design by Hans Thyge & Co

  • Innovative Design
  • Exceptional Quality



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