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Cesto Toy Basket

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Cesto Dog Toy Basket

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Effortlessly Organize with Danish Design Elegance: The Cesto Dog Toy Basket, crafted by the renowned Danish design studio Hans Thyge & Co, is the epitome of style and functionality. With its understated circular shape and convenient cut-out handles, this basket is a seamless addition to any modern interior.

Multifunctional and Chic: Not just for dog toys, the versatile Cesto basket is an all-purpose storage solution. Whether it's for blankets, magazines, or your furry friend's toys, this basket adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Choose from six muted colors to complement your refined contemporary decor.

Sustainable and Environment-Friendly: Each Cesto basket showcases our commitment to sustainability. Molded from felt fibers, predominantly made of recycled PET bottles, this eco-friendly basket maintains its shape while offering a soft, textural aesthetic.

Design and Functionality in Harmony:

  • Designer Craftsmanship: Designed by Hans Thyge & Co, reflecting the pinnacle of Danish design principles.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for storing a variety of items, from your pet's toys to household essentials.
  • Sustainable Materials: Made from recycled PET bottles, contributing to environmental conservation.
  • Color Options: Available in six subtle colors to suit any home decor style.
  • Durable Construction: The material holds its shape and provides a lasting storage solution.

Elevate Your Home's Organization: The Cesto Dog Toy Basket is more than a storage item; it's a design statement. Perfect for dog owners who appreciate both aesthetics and practicality.

Get Your Cesto Basket Today: Ready to bring order and style to your home? Visit our site now and select the Cesto Dog Toy Basket. It's the perfect way to keep your space tidy while adding a touch of designer elegance.

  • Innovative Design
  • Exceptional Quality



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