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Bag Strap - Cupid

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Bag Strap - Cupid

Get ready to fall in love with our Cupid Hearts Dog Walking Bag Strap and match with all your other Cocopup faves! What more could you possible ask for?

The perfect way to accessorise your Cocopup Dog Walking Bag. Also, don't forget you can match your Pooch with our Cupid Hearts Collection. 

Material: Cotton

Width: 4cm

Length: Can be adjusted from ~80cm to 135cm

Cocopup's Cupid Hearts Dog Walking Bag Strap: Fall in Love with Every Walk

Embrace the Charm of Cupid Hearts: Introducing the irresistible Cupid Hearts Dog Walking Bag Strap from Cocopup. This delightful accessory is not just a strap; it’s a love letter to dog walkers who adore matching their style with their furry friends. It's the perfect way to accessorize your Cocopup Dog Walking Bag and add a touch of romance to your daily strolls.

Crafted for Style and Comfort: Made from premium cotton, our Cupid Hearts Bag Strap is designed for durability and ease. The strap's 4cm width and adjustable length of approximately 80cm to 135cm ensure a comfortable fit for dog walkers of all sizes, making your walks enjoyable and stylish.

A Perfect Match for Your Cocopup Collection: This Cupid Hearts Bag Strap is more than an accessory; it's a part of a collection. Match it with our Cupid Hearts Collection to coordinate your and your pooch’s look, showcasing your impeccable taste in dog walking fashion.

Versatile and Fashion-Forward: Whether you're on a quick stroll or a long adventure, this strap is the perfect blend of functionality and whimsy. Its adjustable nature and stylish design make it a versatile choice for any dog walking enthusiast.

Make Every Walk a Stylish Affair: Upgrade your dog walking experience with the Cupid Hearts Bag Strap. It’s not just about carrying essentials; it’s about expressing your unique style and love for your pup.

Get Your Cupid Hearts Bag Strap Today: Ready to add a dash of romance to your dog walking accessories? Visit Cocopup now and grab the Cupid Hearts Dog Walking Bag Strap. It's the perfect way to make every walk with your furry friend a fashionable and fun experience!

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